- Pre-Purchase Home Inspection -
- Condominium Inspection -
- Homeowner/Pre-listing Assessment -

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

Be cautious of any real estate deal where you are told that waiting for a home inspection will cost you the deal. Don't be pressured into making a purchase that you may regret.

An inspection is essential to discovering any issues related to electrical, cooling, heating, structural, plumbing and environmental.

Knowing the condition of a property will enable you to make an educated decision on your purchase.

The following is part of our standard pre-purchase inspection service:

• Landscaping details (grading and drainage)
• Foundation and exterior walls
• Porches and decks
• Windows and doors
• Roofing and venting (fascia, soffits, eaves troughs, vents and chimneys)
• Exterior dwellings (garages and sheds)

• Foundation walls, basement floor, posts and beams
• Electrical service and wiring
• Plumbing (supply, waste and fixtures)
• Heating
• Air conditioning (summer only)
• Floors, walls, ceilings, doors and windows
• Attic insulation and ventilation

Please note that detecting and determining the presence of any form of mold and/or fungi is not considered part of a home inspection and is not the responsibility of the home inspector. However, if readily noticeable, a home inspector may note the health and safety risk posed by its presence.

Condominium Inspection

It is just as important to have a Condominium inspected as you would a freehold property. Buying a condominium means that the buyer is buying into a condominium corporation, which is usually responsible for the maintenance of all common elements. This can include - but is not limited to - roofs, windows, parking areas and balconies. A monthly fee is charged to the owner to cover the cost of maintenance and repair. Become aware of whether or not the condominium corporation has maintained their complex and whether the reserve funds are sufficient for future repairs.

Our home inspectors will work alongside your solicitor in determining defects within a Condominium Corporation complex. Your solicitor should obtain a copy of your condominium's reserve fund study and be able to assess the validity of the condo's long and short schedule for repairs. For more information, refer to CMHC's Condominium Buyers' Guide.

Homeowner/Pre-listing Assessment

A Homeowner/Pre-listing Assessment reassures the homeowner about any concerns in the home. This inspection is ideal for anyone who plans on staying in the home for many years or who is planning to sell in the near future. You will be informed on deficiencies in and outside of the home, as well as costing information to make improvements. You will have the time necessary to make repairs or price your home accordingly - if you plan to sell - in order to prevent low-ball offers, renegotiation or collapsed sales. This will give you the upper hand going into the sale of your home or if you plan on doing any type of renovation project!

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